Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept Unveiled At CES 2015

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas had been showering numerous excitements for the cars, where reportedly latest is a 292bhp Golf R’s dashboard.

Dubbed as Golf R Touch Concept, it is consisted of three touchscreens, a 12.8 inch high-res screen sits on the top of central console, whereas a 8-inch display is placed just below it.

And another 12.3-inch digital is the instrument panel that sits just behind the steering wheels in its usual place.

The biggest, 12.8-inch, functions by hand gesture and controls the multimedia system. The tiles on its interface can be customized as per user’s need, where roof also opens and closes and seats are adjusted just at the move of a hand.

Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept Unveiled At CES 2015

The second touch panel on central console is for controlling AC, volume of music system, ambient lighting and other sundry functions.

However, there aren’t many details about the third screen that was placed in the closure of instrument cluster, as someone had suggested it similar to Active Info Display seen on new Passat.

Thanks to the final comments made of Volkswagen’s top-hats, they soon will be deploying these techs on the production-spec cars. It will be interesting to see when the so called Golf R’s tech-smart dashboard will make way to the rest of VW lineup.

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