Volkswagen Launches Five-Door Hatchback Up!

Ever since Ferdinand Porsche entered the automobile industry with Volkswagen in 1937, the automotive industry has been blessed with the most versatile and class-apart range of vehicles. The legacy of Volkswagen is still strong with the launching of the newest and most innovative models latest of whom is the five-door segment of vehicles. The name Volkswagen simple means “people’s car” and ever since the German automobile manufacturing giant entered the market, it instigated its position amongst the top car-makers. The Volkswagen group is considered as one of the most powerful and successful auto-makers and have Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, SEAT, Skoda and Scania which manufactures heavy-duty trucks. Thus, we can say that the empire of Volkswagen is the biggest and the strongest conglomerates in the automotive industry.

The latest spectacle is the innovative five-door vehicle, which is a hatchback is all set to be launched in Europe in March this year. There are many features of five-door segment “Up!” that bear a resemblance with the other model of the same class with three-door facility. First of all the size of both the variants is identical to a great extent and along with this, the engine is also the same in both the cars. The primary difference between both the vehicles is that one has 3 doors whereas the other has 5 with a glass-house rear window line. Another factor which makes the 5-door better than the 3-door is the availability of more space and provides ample space of 79.5 cm for legs and approximately 94.7 cm for head room. Volkswagen Up! comes with a commendable luggage carrying-facility as the luggage compartment is extendable to remarkably 951 L from just 252 L.

Volkswagen Launches Five-Door Hatchback Up!
The petrol variant of Up! will be launched in Europe which has an engine hosted by 3 cylinders having a capacity of 1 L. The main characteristic of 3 cylinder-hosted engine that runs on petrol is that the maximum possible power can be altered from a range of 60PS to 75PS. The price ascertained to this Volkswagen five-door segment car is approximately 7.25 Lakh in Europe.

There are five variants of Up! which are being planned to be put into the automobile markets in Europe. These are Move Up! Take Up! Black Up! High Up! and finally White Up! The booking of Up! will commence in the month of March and finally the deliveries would be made in the month of May 2012 all across Europe. India will have the privilege of seeing this vehicle on its roads only after 2013 as Volkswagen India is considering certain steps which could pull down the cost of manufacturing and throw the price of this car below that of Volkswagen Polo. This is feasible only if spec-Up! is heavily localized in the Indian markets and another fact that rises here is that Volkswagen Up! will be taking on Skoda Citigo which is presumed to make a mark on the Indian roads.

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