Volkswagen tries to win over Indian consumers by launching an Online Text-Drive Contest

Volkswagen is making some smart actions to register its presence in the Indian automobile market. It has recently launched a very new and creative online Text-Drive competition for the car lovers in India. The Volkswagen Text-Drive Contest looks all set towards attracting great number of car enthusiasts to compete in this. All one has to do is to visit the Volkswagen created website and the lucky winner of the contests within, would get the chance to win Volkswagen’s premium hatchback, the Polo.

The European automaker, Volkswagen, is simply towing the same lines as that of Mahindra & Mahindra. The utility vehicle manufacturer from India had in the previous month received fabulous response to an online contest organized – Guess The Prize – just days before launching its highly anticipated SUV XUV500. Online marketing styles are rapidly gaining popularity in India, to the extent that it has become the most versatile and effective style of product advertising for attracting potential customers.

Volkswagen Text-Drive Contest

People interested in participation to this Text-Drive contest by Volkswagen, have to do so under the given below guidelines:

  • Participants have to login through their accounts in Facebook and Twitter, for having themselves registered into the website.
  • Once the registry is done, the participant would be asked to make a choice of any displayed Volkswagen model. Doing so would entitle them to earn fuel.
  • A combination of the fuel figures as well as the scores secured from many other activities would be converted into kilometers, which will be the actual countable score.
  • The declaration of the winner would depend on the number of kilometers earned.
  • On the last day of the contest, the participant, who has scored the most kilometers, will be declared as the winner of this race. He will then become the proud owner of Volkswagen’s premium hatchback, the Polo.

So, the basic thing that car enthusiasts have to do to win a premium hatchback from the stables of Volkswagen is to just register to the game and complete the set daily tasks.

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