Volkswagen Works Out New Business Strategies For 2015

The unfavourable sales results from India for past three years have turned Volkswagen to turn a new chapter in its business strategy. Apparently, the Union Budget 2015 may have kept it on toes to realize the actual market scenario. Now, after the end of dramas and political fiascos, VW announced its new business strategies which will help it to surge in the tough times of competition.

As said to give dealers more incentives and rework the after-service structure from where the major drawback is flowing in, Germans sounded feasible this time with their potential policies, and a detailed analysis revealed various other important notations.

Certain factors for cost-cutting are taken into account, like immense localization, minute observation of sales and market operations, to name a few. Even the company is on brink of expanding exports to utilize the manufacturing facility of Pune at a better proportion.

Volkswagen Works Out New Business Strategies For 2015

Working on brand perception, some said, VW will soon shed the image of a premium carmaker and would follow the league of Hyundai and Maruti. The after-service quotient which it is banking upon majorly will see more transparency in the process. Company is in the process to officially list the price of spare parts online and avoid the overcharging claims, where the machinery will also take steps like reducing outlets that are on defaulters list. To an extent, VW’s executive feels, products in the India lineup are slightly outdated, where the need of replacement is seriously felt. That said, as per to us company shall be in the process of bringing new models where a perfect indention is not worked out yet.

Hence, as per VW, the year 2015 will be partly considered for growth and partly for consolidation. Though, no affirmation how the VW will exactly take on this new battle of consolidation, but it seems more of Polo GT and other powerful machines had lent the moniker bright rays of hope in the tough times.

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