Volvo S100 production nears as patent sketches showcased

It has been a long while since Volvo started aiming to launch a car which can take on BMW  7 series and match up to its looks as well as ergonomics. Speculations were rife about Volvo showcasing the patent sketches of the new Volvo S100 saloon production and this time Volvo has indeed launched the sketches of the S100 which they believe is perfect to be made a contender to BMW 7 Series.  Volvo which hails from Sweden already has a stronghold over the automobile industry and now wants to roll out more of its cars out of its garage. Thus by introducing Volvo S100 in the market, the plan to take on the premium class of cars which have the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class as inhabitants.

Volvo showcased its Volvo universe concept last year at the Shanghai Motor Show on the basis of which it planned to design high-end luxury sedans in the market and promised to launch the patent sketches beforehand. Before planning to start the production of cars, Volvo decided to release the sketches of the new Volvo S100 Saloon so as to build up some anticipation amongst the crowd. The sketch has been taken well by the people and very soon Volvo will be kicking off the production of Volvo S100.

Volvo S100 production nears as patent sketches showcasedThere might not be any alterations in the design of the car from the rear angle as it resembles like every other Volvo but if the car is seen from the front angle then one is bound to notice a change in the design of the car. Another feature worth noticing is the sleek sidelines of the car which are new and appealing. The headlamps attached to S100 are in par with the front grille of the car and another interesting feature is its suicide doors which flow out into opposite directions thus adding a new style quotient to the car. The Volvo S100 will be fitted with alloy wheels which will be complimenting the design of the car.

The hype circulating around Volvo S100 is such that the expectations are escalating. Volvo enthusiasts are looking forward to classy interiors of the car as Volvo has always been setting a benchmark with its spaceship-looking interiors. The design of the car has been made in porcelain-black combination and thus all this are building up the anticipation of the car’s release to a great extent.

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