Zebra painted Mahindra Mini Xylo disguised in spotted in Chennai

Recently the Mini version of the Mahindra Xylo was spotted on the roads of Chennai, which was heavily camouflaged. This pattern of stripped black and white was making the camouflaged Mahindra Mini Xylo look very much like a zebra. It seems the firm has done some very fine detailing on the exterior of the car, so in order to hide that, this zebra like heavy camouflage has been put on the vehicle. Mahindra Xylo mini has been code named ‘U203’ and the test runs have been going for about two years now. In these two years the car has undergone multiple changes in its specifications as well as the appearance.

Zebra painted Mahindra Mini Xylo disguised in spotted in Chennai

We assume that the engine, which roars beneath the hood, could be a three-cylinder diesel engine that the critics and experts of the industry are calling ‘grown up Wagon R’. With a 70 bhp power and a peak torque of 160 Nm this small engine seems good enough for Mahindra Mini Xylo. Many must have been curious why it is called Mahindra ‘Mini’ Xylo, it is actually short in length that means has a length of under four meters. To give this car a touch of out-door feel and adventurous look, the rear end carries the spare wheel on it. This is a new design phenomenon in its entirety.

The previous test versions of this car were seen equipped with a third row of seats. These were made out by two jump seats. If this kind of arrangement in seating reaches to the final production, then Mahindra Mini Xylo would definitely become the first compact MPV that has seven seats in it. If believed on the rumours then the Mahindra Mini Xylo could become the best choice to buy on the occasion of ‘Dhanteras’, right before Diwali this year. Mahindra Mini Xylo may become the latest entry lever car in the portfolio of the firm as well.

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