Actor Sonu Sood Audi Q7 Catches Fire

Burning Audis are seems to be a blazing trend on the roads of Mumbai. Earlier this year it was the Audi flagship R8 which burnt during Parx Car Rally 2013 at Bandra-Worli Sea Link. Now it’s the actor’s Sonu Sood’s Audi Q7 which caught fire at Kalanagar junction, Bandra East.

It happened all of a sudden when a bystander spotted smoke coming out of the car’s bonnet. Sonu Sood was on his way to home from a press-conference in Worli when this incident took place. Luckily, he wasn’t travelling in that Audi SUV instead it was friend Ajay Dhama who was driving the car. Sood was following him in one of the cars behind; fortunately Mr. Dhama escaped the spot without any injuries.

Eyewitnesses reported that auto drivers rushed to the spot and doused the flame. Later on, the Audi Q7 was towed to Kherwadi police station.

Sonu Sood's Audi Q7 catches fire

After all it is an incident, so no case is registered. Fire station officer R M Shinde who turned up at the spot a short late after the incident confirmed “short-circuit” to be the main reason behind the fire. But no official confirmation is been delivered from the end of carmaker’s technical department. “I am going to meet the Audi officials tomorrow and figure what exactly happened. It was brand new, in a perfectly good condition,” said Sood who looks keen in taking up the Audi officials gravely.

Actor Sonu Sood Audi Q7 Catches Fire

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