Additional deals for the month of October 2011

We know it’s too late for bringing in the additional deals for the month of October 2011, however, due to the holiday(s) in between and the festive moods, there has been a delay. Nevertheless, the saving grace is that these deals would be carried forward till the mid of November 2011 and hence there is no point in worrying over it.


The Japanese manufacturer is pulling a plug on all stops and ensuring that its models sell well in the Indian market. Nearly all variants of its petrol engined Nissan Micra are being offered with a Rs 50k discount.

2011 Nissan Micra


The Eon as also resurgent strikes in its plants have ensured that Maruti stays out of the sales focus. The best seller Alto is being offered with a combined discount of upto Rs 43k, making it almost tip toe onto the Nano’s foot steps. If one is a corporate customer, then Maruti dealers are ready to throw in an additional Rs 3k discount.

Maruti Alto


Skoda is still offering huge discounts on its 160 Bhp TSI engined Laura. However, this discounts don’t apply to the recently launched vRS model. As much as Rs 1.50 lakhs is being offered as a discount. Not only this, the 1.2 as also 1.6 liter Skoda Fabia is also being offered with a discount. These discounts range from Rs 62k for the 1.6 liter Fabia and Rs 54k for the 1.2 motor. No discounts are being offered on the diesel though.

Skoda Fabia


Apart from the current discounts going on the Jazz and City, Honda dealers are also throwing in freebies with the slow selling Accord. Rs 63k worth of free insurance as also Rs 56k worth free navigation system is up for grabs with the stylish Accord. The City in the meanwhile gets nearly a lakh rupees off its lofty price tag.

Honda Accord


Fiat have started the price of their Punto from as low as Rs 3.7 lakhs while the Linea has got some solid discounts going for it. The discounts amount upto Rs 1.30 lakhs for all the petrol variants except the T-jet.

Fiat Punto


The petrol model of the all new 2011 Fiesta is a bummer as far as sales are concerned and Ford are offering discount boosts to up the sales. Approximately Rs 50k is being offered through various channels on this car.

Ford Fiesta


The big daddy of luxury, Mercedes is also offering festival incentives what with the new GL350 CDI receiving a knock of Rs 7 lakhs off its price tag. This is certain to entice the ML350 buyers, allowing them to opt for a much more capable and spacious SUV.

Mercedes GL350 CDI

These are some of the deals associated with the automotive industry and we are sure to keep them rolling for the next month.

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