Audi India to launch fleet of cars this year

Audi is a one of the most confident German carmakers in India. It does not resort to heavy marketing campaign and yet, the sales figure speaks for themselves. The sales of 2011 was 5,500 units and now Audi targets to cover 8000 units in current year, keeping a share of premium cars alone to 50%. India already has 15 Audi dealers and they target to attain 25 dealers by end of this year.

A lump of €10 million will be spent in India to expand Audi. The plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra will be home to the assembly of premium SUV Q7 and the mini Q3, which is expected to launch June2012.

2012 will see a refreshing new face of Audi with the launch of A8, RS5, A6, R8 cabriolet. Besides this, there are 7 new launches including the TT Roadster, A4 facelift, Q3 and S6.

Audi India to launch fleet of cars this year

Seems that Volkswagen is looking forward on improving the foreign market of its daughter company, Audi. Further more, VW also plans to double its component sourcing. Audi India went on further, claiming to be the leader in India for luxury car brand by 2015.

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