BMW i8 Crashed In Istanbul, Turkey

Since the BMW had rolled out i8, there had been good and bad responses. Well, the goodness of i8 can be felt only after it is driven, but the bad news is one more i8 has crashed in Istanbul, Turkey.

Reportedly, the driver had rammed into cars during a bumper to bumper traffic in the city. However, as claimed, only fender is wrecked and no more damages reported.

As seen the owner too escaped unhurt and had called the towing service to get that hybrid supercar towed to the service station.

As only scarce information is being available with us, so, for now it does seemed the BMW must plant a traffic mode for driving in the claustrophobic conditions. Otherwise, such instances will be seen in more numbers than those getting crashed at high speed on racetracks or speedways.

BMW i8 Crashed In Istanbul Turkey

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BMW i8 Crashed In Istanbul Turkey

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