Ferrari Employees Gets Special Bonus from the Company

Ferrari has kept its promise it had made to its workers at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. At that time the company management had announced that a special bonus will be awarded to all the employees of the company proportional to the financial gains made by the company in the last few years. Now the company has announced a special bonus for all its workers for a three year period spanning from 2010 to 2012 along with a letter of appreciation, which thanked the employees for their hard work and dedication to the company.

The bonus amount given by Ferrari consisted of extra salary for each of the month the employees had worked for the company in the said period. So if an employee had worked for the entire three year period he/she had received a bonus of 4,500 Euros over and above his/her salary, considering that the basic pay of a Ferrari employee starts at 1500 Euros. The company will also pay competitiveness bonus to the employees within the next few months.

Ferrari Employees Gets Special Bonus from the Company

The competitiveness bonus is an annual feature of Ferrari and the first installments of this bonus have already been paid in June and October last year. An average Ferrari employee would get about 4000 Euros if this bonus is calculated.

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