Ferrari F430 Spider Used As McDonalds Delivery Vehicle In Melbourne

Picture this, a sorority house party in the neighborhood, McDelivery guy appeared at the door for a delivery, and all those lovely girls move out with him for a drive teasing away the bunch of handsome guys hanging out in the neighborhood – that’s what happening these days in Melbourne, Australia.

The local McDonalds of Melbourne has started a new service in which they dispatch orders in a “Ferrari F430 Spider”.

Likewise this Italian supercar doesn’t come cheap, so the customers at McDonalds are needed to order for a minimum of $25 (19 EUR), and additionally had to pay a $4.95 (4 EUR) as the delivery charge via an online system. They said most of the regular menu items are available with this convertible Ferrari service.

Ferrari F430 Spider Used As McDonalds Delivery Vehicle In Melbourne

The McDonalds of Australia, especially Melbourne, started this service a way back and was on test-run for certain duration. But the dedicated response from customers has made them to take it full-fledged.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Hence, we believe, when the 5/7-star rated hotels can transfer their guests in Rolls-Royce then why can’t a fast food giant can deliver parcels in a Ferrari – as both of them are targeted towards reaching faster than anyone else could.

Well, the guy behind this superfast McDelivery steering wheel must be some luckiest person in the world, as enjoying the drive of Ferrari for the sake of job and apparently also walking away with lucrative tips resonated at every delivery.

Ferrari F430 Spider Back View

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