Honda Civic Tourer confirmed for Frankfurt debut

The latest for Germany again, Honda confirmed 2014 Civic Tourer for Frankfurt debut.

Hyped in the media with its officially received images (covered under heavy camouflage), Honda Civic Tourer also made us informed about its different damper setting under the hats of comfort, normal and dynamic mode.

At the event, Honda is going to draw crowds with the massive boot of the Tourer, which as per to our speculations would be of 600 litres, and an amazing number of spacious interior tweaks that may stun the Skoda Octavia, and many others of the same line. Whereas, technical specifications to stay counter able with the 1.6L i-DTEC so that a large number of countries can be concluded in its fleet, and also would save a lot on the taxation of the respective authorities.

Honda Civic Tourer
With all the new steaks to be lugging around, Civic Tourer will weigh 40kg heavier than the regular five-door hatchback. And with the low capacity oil burner to be found in its bay, the CO2 emission would be lesser than 100 g/km.

Honda Civic Tourer Interiors

Reports are also that there the regular Civic hatch may attend the Frankfurt even with the tweaked interiors and exteriors, and some new sort displacement of engine to be hanged under its hoods.

Honda Civic Tourer for Frankfurt

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