Hyundai registers phenomenal bookings coz of Maruti stir


One man’s loss is another gain and this idiom holds good for Hyundai Motors India Limited. The losing man here is Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Due to the continued stirs happening in Maruti’s facilities, probable customers are shifting their interest to rival Hyundai. This focus shift is said to be a temporary phase.

Hyundai top guns were quick to dismiss this by saying that their products have a unique clientele and they aren’t competing with Maruti in the budget spectrum. Infact, Hyundai cars are ranked a tad higher than Maruti cars and hence there is nothing about competition here. More than 5k bookings have been reportedly done for the Hyundai Eon and these bookings are currently on the rise, maybe cause of the slump in production by Maruti. 1.5 lakh units is what the supposed aim of Hyundai is regarding the sales of Eon car in India. Exports would be an all together different proposition for Hyundai as India would become its primary export hub for other countries. Currently Hyundai exports the i20 and i10 along with Santro from India to different parts of the world. Now the Eon looks set to join this ranks.

Hyundai Eon

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