Indian Boys Help Design 900HP Supercar For Geneva Motor Show

One does not need a superman to design a supercar. That’s the job some boys from Mumbai can do it at a jiff. And to our surprise they did it for the Geneva Motor Show by designing a concept machine that looks from the future and sends whopping power of 900bhp from a hybrid drivetrain.

Sunny Ramrakhiani (31), Marshin Bhatt (25) and Rahul Sadwelkar (23) from Mumbai, and Gaurav Jagtap (26) from Pune were the ones to design this beautiful machine in Italy. Post graduates students of Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Italy, this was a project for them to prove their skills on the masters degree subject called transportation design. The theme given was the use of technology that also makes sense for users combined with futuristic design. Apparently, it was not only those four guys; in fact the team included 11 members where others students belonged to countries like Israel, Poland, China, Taiwan Mexico and Iran. The project was made in collaboration with an Italian magazine called Quattroporte.

Indian Boys Help Design 900HP Supercar For Geneva Motor Show

Called as SYRMA, this concept hasn’t yet received nod by automakers for the production. Three seats on front row with driver in the middle, the car is a rear-engined and rear-wheel drive by a 4-litre (approximately) V6 twin turbo that sends max power of 900bhp in collaboration with an electric motor. At ignition, the electric motor is cranked up to take the charge, sooner the fuel based engine enters into the picture and take on the lead. The laser in projector headlamps on front emits images to warn drivers. Additionally, the car boasts enough safety features to cast a spell on the modern day machines as well as future ones.

The exhaust at rear placed in the centre is for better aerodynamics and design aspects. Beneath that are camera and indication lights. Overall, the taste of this car pays a lot of attention to the Italians and their love for automotives.

Indian Boys Help Design 900HP Supercar For Geneva Motor Show

The team worked on this project since October. Firstly, they started with 3D modeling, the way usually car design takes shape, and by March the vision saw a clay-based model with resin and some parts milked out from 3D printers. The Italian magazine ‘Quattroruote’ shelled out nearly 2 million euros as the entire sponsorship for this project. And the result was handsome reviews by number of auto journalists and experts around the world who visited their stand at Geneva Motor show. The team of eleven has said to continue to work together for more couple of years to roll out some more examples like this.

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