Maruti XA Alpha Compact SUV concept unveiled at Delhi Auto Expo

At last, the day has arrived which we all have been waiting for. The 2012 Auto Expo begins today amidst a huge hullabaloo and we have a grand new from Maruti Suzuki India, India’s largest automobile manufacturing company. It pulls the wraps off the compact sport utility vehicle at 11th Auto Expo. The carmaker has finally done the honours to reveal the compact sport utility vehicle concept called XA Alpha, which will provide comfortable seating capacity for five passengers under three-door SUV and four meter in length at the moment.

The XA Alpha measures 1.6 meters tall, 4 meters in length and 1.9 meters wide and features 19 inch wheels; all of these are more likely to see a sea change once the company plans to send the sport utility vehicle for production. The domestic automobile manufacturer hasn’t revealed the engine specifications and price of this concept vehicle, but will be well within the limits of 1.5 liter diesel and 1.2 liter petrol powerplants. The automaker obviously intends to keep the suspense intact with new models and on the 2nd day of 2012 Auto Expo the car maker has chosen to make large impact with Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, one of the most anticipated multi purpose vehicle.

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha concept image gallery

Maruti Pulls Wraps Off Compact SUV Concept XA Alpha

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