New Mercedes A-Class displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

The 3rd reproduction of Mercedes Benz A-Class has a silhouette of traditional hatchback which makes it a charmer in just once glance. Mercedes is showcasing the new A-class at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.  One look at the car will make you realize that this is close to what flawless can be defined in the literal terms. Originally introduced to the market in 1996, the A-Class went through a major transformation from a square van-like vehicle to a compact sporty car. Now a situation of direct competition has emerged between it and Audi A3 as well as the BMW 1-Series. However, the Development Chief, Mercedes said that it will be clear very soon that the ‘A’ in A-Class signifies ‘attack’. With four other small cars which include an SUV and a coupe, the A-Class will make an impressive contribution to the aim of raising the sales by 27 per cent to a minimum of 1.6 million vehicles by the year 2015.

New Mercedes A-Class displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 2012
Different petrol and diesel engine variants of the A-Class will give the customers a wide range of options to choose from. The 94 bhp 1.6 liter engine comes with good performance figures, but the 2.0 liter engine certainly gives the car a performancethat everyone will want to have. The sculpted look with broad two slant grille on a chopper front makes it look elegant. The bifurcated LED headlamps are combined with one of a kind bumper. A comparatively short bonnet, adorns the car because of the diagonally placed engine. With the seats raised, the vehicle has a boot space of 435 liters and with the 60/40 split fold back seats flattened it gives 1995 liters of boot space which makes it very easy if you want to carry any odd shaped consignment. All the boot space has been created primarily due to the modification in the dimensions of this A-Class Mercedes Benz. With an increased length of 487mm, the length of the new A-Class is now 4292mm.The width has gone a little up by 15mm turning the car 17800mm wide, whereas the height of the car has been lowered by 163mm. With all this, the boss of Mercedes Benz, Mr. Zetsche expressed his confidence in the new A-Class to earn an exponential good amount of revenue for the firm. But as always, the Indian customers will only put his money where he smells the diesel.

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