Ola Electric Scooter Colours Officially Revealed: Customers Get To Choose From 10 Colours

Ola Electric Scooter Colours Officially Revealed: Customers Get To Choose From 10 Colours

Ola Electric officially announces the available colours for the soon-to-be-launched electric scooter. The company is offering the Ola electric scooter in 10 colour options to choose from, making it the widest range of colours available on a two-wheeler.

While the exact names of the colours will be announced at the imminent launch, there will be choices in matte and gloss shades from options in blue and black, the vibrant hues of red, pink and yellow, as well as white and silver. Bookings for the electric scooter was opened on July 15 for a token amount of Rs 499.

According to Ola Electric, it received a record-breaking 1 lakh reservations in the first 24 hours. Interested buyers can still reserve their scooter on the website by paying a refundable deposit of Rs 499. This way customers will be getting a priority doorstep delivery of the electric scooter.

Based on the recently leaked trademark documents from Ola Electric, the scooter is expected to be named, the Series S. Also, the scooter could be available in two variants called the S1 and S1 Pro. The Ola electric scooter details are yet to be completely revealed. However, based on earlier quotes from the company, the scooter is expected to feature a maximum riding range of around 150 kilometres.

The company also claims that a 0 to 100 per cent charge for the electric scooter would take around 60 minutes. However, 18 minutes of charging will juice the battery to 50 per cent and provides a range of around 75km. Regarding the technology, the upcoming electric scooter is expected to feature connected smart mobility.

The integration could use a large TFT touchscreen display for the instrument console, which is likely to support eSIM internet connectivity. This will enable the scooter to be paired with a smartphone application offered by the company. With the mobile application, users can monitor the scooter’s behaviour, find the nearest charging stations and a lot more.

The Ola electric scooter certainly has the looks that appeal to both younger and mature buyers in the country. Now, the company has made sure that the buyers will also have multiple options in choosing how their scooter looks with a host of paint schemes.

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