Sachin’s Red Ferrari Now Owned by Surat Businessman

Sachin’s 360 Modena Ferrari is now the property of Raj Hans Group Chairman, Jayesh Desai. Desai claims to have bought the car from Sachin himself two weeks ago, with all the legal documents.

This is reportedly the same Ferrari that was presented to Sachin by Michael Schumacher as a gift from FIAT. The same Ferrari was earlier embroiled in controversy, as Tendulkar refused to pay an INR 1.13 crore or approx. $245,000 import duty on the car priced at INR 75 lakh or $162,600, even though it was not a price but a gift.

Eventually in 2003, the government agreed to exempt Tendulkar against paying the import duty that was $82,400 more than the price of the car itself. Now it looks like the car has been sold by Tendulkar to Desai.

Desai said that he had always wanted to have a Ferrari, and this has been a dream come true for him. He is also reported to have requested the media to question him only regarding the car and not about Sachin, when he was asked if he had known the cricketing legend or was friends with him.

So far there is no confirmation from Sachin’s camp refuting this story. Tendulkar is currently on a holiday with his family in England as he is enjoying a break following the IPL tournament.

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