Spirit of Ecstasy Drive In London: Centenary of the ‘silver lady’

How do you recognise a particular car is a Rolls Royce? Undoubtedly by the most famous hood mascot lying right above its grille , the Spirit of Ecstasy. Rolls Royce recently marked the hundred years of the presence of the Spirit of Ecstasy. To mark this centenary on 6th February 2011, Rolls Royce had organised a drive in the streets of London to pay the due respect to it. This piece of beauty has been a true sense of luxury over these 100 years. It has catered to many famous personalities right from film stars to  sports persons.

So as part of the celebration, Rolls Royce took out the 100 best cars from its shed. This ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ drive was hosted in London. This drive was flagged in Belgravia and  ended right at Syon House in London West. The route was marked by the various famous and less famous places which had their place in the history of Rolls Royce, including the place of birth of Charles Rolls.  The Spirit of Ecstasy is an icon of truth, love, luxury and freedom. This beautiful goddess has adorned all the vehicles in the Rolls Royce family except only two vehicles. One being the  Phantom IV which was delivered to Princess Elizabeth in the year 1950 which posses her own mascot and then the second Phantom IV in the year 1954 when Princess Margaret who choose a Pegasus as her mascot.

Spirit of Ecstasy is a hood ornament or hood mascot of Rolls Royce. This hood mascot was drafted in the year 1910 and was fitted in the year 1911 on 6th February. This mascot is in a form of a woman who seems to be leaning and has her hands stretched behind her, and her cloth is fluttering behind her which gives an impression of wings. Now the catch is that from one angle it seems that the women had taken a jump which she is enjoying the very feel of it and some claim that she is getting ready to take a jump and probably she is on a height which is making her piece of cloth billow. Spirit of Ecstasy was originally designed by the Charles Robinson Sykes. This little piece of beauty has many round of secrets swelled in between that time. Before the final draft, there were many alterations made in it.

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