Tata Motors Contemplates Opening Overseas Assembly Operations for Nano

Tata Motors recently announced that they are planning on opening assembly operations overseas for their Nano small car. P. M. Telang, the company’s MD of India Operations, was quoted as saying that they are considering opening an assembly facility for the Nano in overseas market via export of CKD units; however, they have not set any timelines yet.

He added that they are many key markets for assembling their Nano, such as the countries in the SAARC, Latin America and Asean region. They are studying those markets.

Earlier in the year, the company had begun exporting CBU’s of their Nano small car to Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the company VP of the Commercial Passenger Car Business Unit said on the sideline of their recently launched Tata Aria that they were planning on revamping their dealerships, to open dealer outlets that were product specific for increasing the sales volumes for their passenger vehicles.

Currently, the company has around 250 dealer outlets that showcase the entire product range of the company. They are also planning on adding around 300 dealer outlets specifically for the Nano, in mostly tier 4 and 3 cities, as well as 100 dealer outlets dedicated specifically for retailing their utility vehicles. He added that the dealer outlets for passenger cars would come along sometime during this fiscal year.

The company’s sales of passenger vehicles in India, decreased by 38.30% last month, selling 17,192 vehicles in comparison to the 27,865 vehicles sold in the corresponding period last year. Meanwhile, the sales of the Tata Nano declined by 64%, with the company selling only 3,260 vehicles in July.

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