TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012

Tata Motors has introduced an all-new MBVP (Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle) at the current DEFEXPO India 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This extreme combat mobile vehicle is designed and developed to help the special forces in the urban warfare scenarios as well as in case of a large conflict involving places such as railway stations, airports and other such structural urban areas of the city. Tata Motors has introduced four more vehicles other than the MBVP, which are the Light Armoured Vehicle, the 12×12 Prahaar Missile Carrier, the 6×6 7kl Refueler and the Mobile bunker with a full range of other concept combat related vehicles including QDMCT (Quick Deployment Mobile Communication Terminal) on display for the visitors and buyers of different nation’s army and arms dealers.

TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012

Managing Director-India Operations, Tata Motors, P.M. Telang said on this occasion, “We can now claim to cater to the defense mobility spectrum with our state-of-art new equipments and vehicles made for the combat and tactical purposes. This line-up is the perfect showcase of our prowess in designing and development of a huge range of vehicles made for commercial purposes. The defense solutions by Tata Motors have already manufactured a good variety of armoured and logistics vehicles for the paramilitary forces and police to be used in counter-insurgency operations, which have been very successful and popular.”

TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012

We must look into some of the defense vehicle’s details as well.

Tata MBPV (Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle): This particular vehicle is equipped with bullet-resistant metal panels for safety of the passengers.The compact vehicle has a unique four-wheel-assisted turning efficiency for smooth movement inside the indoor areas with an excellent volume of power-to-weight ratio. The firing ports of this urban warfare machine on wheels have been incorporated with an additional capability of climbing stairs with ease.

Tata Light Armoured Vehicle: This is a simple defense vehicle designed for the basic requirement of assisting the forces in counter-insurgency activities as well as for patrolling any required area as such.

Tata 12×12 Prahaar Missile Carrier:  This is a very well thought of missile carrier for the armed forces developed in close observation of R&DE-DRDO. This has an extremely high mobility ratio with an all-wheel-drive and an all-terrain maneuvering capability. This LPTA 5252- 12×12 is built from bolt to chassis specifically for the sole purpose for it to be a missile carrier-cum-missile launcher for the likes of Prahaar, Nirbhay and BrahMos missiles.

Tata 6×6 7kl Refueler: The main purpose of this combat support vehicle is for refueling the vehicles in its fleet. This all-wheel-drive, all-terrain maneuverable, high mobility vehicle is designed and developed for the paramilitary, DPSUs, Indian Armed Forces, State Police and aviation industry.

Tata Mobile Bunker: This is a purpose built vehicle on the platform of LPA 713 four-wheel-drive to make sure that it moves quick and equally easy in the naxal-infested areas and work as a base for retaliation activity by the forces. The vehicle passes the NIJ Level III of ballistic protect test.

Tata 8×8 Water Purification System:  This MWD (mobile water decontamination) system is based on the platform of LPTA 3138 8×8 of Tata Motors. This is an all-weather, all-terrain maneuverability enabled vehicle made in collaboration with M/s. WEW of Germany. This MWD is efficient enough to purify even the most impure kind of water and make it carriageable through the RO (reverse osmosis) process.

Tata LSV – QDMCT (Quick Deployment Mobile Communication Terminal):  This is an immediate deployment enable self-equipped with a communication system which is vehicle-mounted and gives a large area of IP enabled network for forces to communicate with each other in the battle-field. This is also shelter-based if so required. The data, video and voice are passed through a very secure and reliable IP network between different nodes.

Along with these elaborated mean machines for Defense Forces, Tata Motors had Safari Storme GS 800 4×4 targeted to commute officers across various locations in India as well as Safari Storme Armoured equipped with the all-new benchmark technology, stronger suspension system, chassis, with enhanced braking potential for the VVIP movements. Xenon Recce 4×4 has also been displayed, which is mainly for the off-road patrolling and commuting of the armed forces.

TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012 TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012 TATA Motors showcases new range of military vehicles at the Defexpo 2012

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