Terra Motors R6 Electric 3-Wheeler Auto Rickshaw Unveiled For India

‘Tuk Tuk’, as known in International markets, ‘Rickshaw’ in some parts of Asia including India, and many terminologies to depict a three wheeler transportation vehicle across various regions. But for India, the Terra Motors has taken the lead to change the way this segment is been doing the job so far.

Reportedly, the aforesaid bike maker from Japan unveiled an electric three-wheeler called ‘R6’ which it said is mostly for the Indian market. The launch is speculated to happen in 2015 and company expects to sell 10,000 units during the first year. R6 is under procedure of certifications. In addition, there are two more of them being in the development, all of which may come out on the roads for competitive prices.

Terra R6 on dimensional note measures 2950 mm in length, 1090 mm in width and 1800 mm in height.  As far as the weight is concerned chassis tips the weighing scale at 278kgs whereas the battery alone lifts the ticker till 150kgs. Passenger capacity is cited to be of the denominations 1+6 where an average weighing passenger shall be of 70kgs.

Terra Motors R6 Electric 3-Wheeler Auto Rickshaw Unveiled For India

Over a full charge, Terra R6 can clock 100kms but it can incline only upto angle 10 degrees. Battery used is of 48V 100Ah. Braking is handled by drum units. The cosmetic design of the unit is quite simple. And the top-speed is stated to be 30km/h.

Looking down in comparison to our conventional auto-rickshaws they can easily reach the top-whack of 50km/h whereas a full-tank of CNG makes them to clock 120-170kms. In fact, on all the notes R6 falls short than out our regular models. But it has advantage of carrying 6+1 passengers whereas ours can only ferry 4+1.

However, it will be interesting to see an electric vehicle will taking the route of routine transportation soon.

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