Toyota teases the ‘Furia’ Concept

Toyota is all set to showcase the ‘Furia’ at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2013. To increase the excitement, Toyota releases the teaser video.

The video features an orange coloured ‘Furia’, highlighting the rear spoiler, front grilles with headlamps, taillamps and some of the interiors. We find the front very much futuristic with all new grille and headlamps, while the LED taillamp cluster is giving a spiky look to the car. The black-coloured rear spoiler seems adding boldness to the metal.

The history says, the actual production car is very much different from the concept car.

Toyota teases the 'Furia' Concept

Whatever it may be, we enjoyed the video, the way it presented Furia to us was fiery and futuristic.

Toyota teases the 'Furia' Concept

We also expect that, Furia will increase the level of HOTness in the sports sedan segment, like Volvo S60 and Hyunda did in the past.

We watched the video again and again to give a treat to ourselves. Now guys, its your turn, go ahead and watch the video.

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