Toyota to roll out Camry Hybrid in India?

Toyota can simply be accredited with being the primary vehicle manufacturer in the domestic market to roll out a premium hybrid vehicle, and it is currently being stated that the domestic division of the Japan-based automobile maker might shortly roll out the hybrid option of the popular vehicle that would turn into the second hybrid vehicle to originate from TKM.

As it is clear that hybrid cars fail to impress Indians, but the Indian introduction of this new hybrid could be a share of a bigger strategy, that of Toyota aspiring to be identified as manufacturers of green vehicles on an international level.

This entails that the maker might wish to make a societal statement by rolling out the Camry hybrid in the domestic market.

The said vehicle is not cent percent visually close to the non-hybrid editions and boasts a special set of headlights, amended framework and innovative fog lights.

Toyota Camry

It could also obtain superior 17” wheels as well as tyres, which would also assist enhancing the fuel saving.

On the inside, the vehicle will carry a special dashboard and the seats will acquire special upholstery. The instrument binnacle will find battery pointers, range read out and other important exhibits.

The Camry Hybrid will bag power from the “Hybrid Synergy Drive” electric+petrol arrangement and the vehicle will come in 3 driving forms comprising completely electric, completely petrol and petrol + electric.

The petrol engine is an electric edition of the 2.4-litre gasoline motor, which powers the petrol option. The motor carries a maximum power yield of 148PS and a climax torque figure of 187Nm.

It would be exciting to witness how the market responds to the introduction of this vehicle.

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