Volkswagen is vying to make it big in the bustling Indian markets

Volkswagen seems to be making an emphatic statement in India. They are making their presence felt in the market with the huge inrush of Volkswagen products churning out of their factory line. Volkswagen is soon to be one of the biggest and highest profit grossing car manufacturers in India. India has one of the fastest growing economies and here there is a huge demand for cars to connect the bustling cities. And Volkswagen saw this, and here’ where they come in, harvesting on a thriving market. In this article we present to you the Volkswagen products that are soon to make its way onto Indian turf.

Volkswagen has already set its eyes on the hatchback segment, and is developing plans to bring out its own range of ultra-low cost hatchbacks. With work already being carried out at the Volkswagen units in India, at the same time it’s trying to tap into the ‘not so looked into’ MPV segment. Not only that, it seems interested to formulate its own design of compact SUV to house an Indian family while allowing for easy parking at the shopping malls.

Volkswagen is vying to make it big in the bustling Indian markets
Now we take a look at the much talked about, Volkswagen UP that has already launched in the global markets is seeking to make its entry here. The three door hatchback is already a huge success worldwide hence the manufacturers are trying to introduce the UP with 5 door hatch in the European market. This product is one among the Volkswagen’s low cost A00 segment.  With Volkswagen Up doing so well in the world market, the auto giants are planning to set up base to launch their product in India. But plans are still in their nascent stage and talks are going on to look for an alternative in case Up doesn’t do so well in India as elsewhere. The alternative suggested as a substitute is Volkswagen A00. The Up was initially announced to have a price tag between 3 and 4 lakh but with the inflating economy the company is finding it difficult to live up to their promise. But there’s not much to worry for our Indian customers, for if Up doesn’t make it, Volkswagen subsidiaries would jump in to lay grounds and bring you products such as the Seat Mii or the Skoda Citigo.

Volkswagen has other options that it’s also looking into while at the same time trying to get its factories localized to reduce manufacturing costs. Volkswagen has two cars from the MBQ platform that they are eyeing to launch here in India. The Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen Vento are two form the MBQ line of models that promises to make its way onto the Indian roads in a year.  Volkswagen feels left behind in the MVP section, with competitor Toyota already selling their product Innova in the thousands. Hyundai is following close behind with their product Hexa Space, which recently flaunted its futuristic looks at the Auto Expo. Along with them comes Maruti Ertiga MPV and Chevrolet Enjoy MPV, hence Volkswagen has quite a bit of catching up in this regard.

Volkswagen Polo in India

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