100 MG Hector Ambulances To Be Delivered In Maharashtra: MG Motor India to The Rescue

100 MG Hector Ambulances To Be Delivered In Maharashtra: MG Motor India to The Rescue

MG Motor India is gearing up to deploy 100 Ambulances based on the MG Hector SUV. The new MG Hector Ambulances will exclusively be used for COVID-19 patients. As of now, all the 100 MG Hector Ambulances have been allocated for Nagpur and Vidarbha.

The 100 MG Hector Ambulances were requested by Hon’ble Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to serve COVID-19 patients in Nagpur and Vidarbha in a bid to tackle the sharply rising number of COVID-19 cases.

MG Motor India had previously donated five MG Hector Ambulances to Nangia Speciality Hospital (Nagpur) to serve exclusively to COVID-19 patients, as part of the company’s community service scheme MG SEWA.

The MG Hector Ambulances are custom built by the Chinese-owned British car maker at their Halol plant in Gujarat by their own team of engineers. The car is retrofitted with life-saving equipment such as an auto-loading stretcher, an oxygen system with provision for an oxygen cylinder, a jump seat for the attendant, a fire extinguisher, etc.

It even gets a medicine cabinet that can monitor five parameters, an inverter, a siren, a lightbar and a few other types of medical equipment.

It is really remarkable of MG Motor India to commit the delivery of 100 MG Hector Ambulances on such short notice. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we are glad to see automotive manufacturers coming to the rescue. MG has already been using its manufacturing plant to generate oxygen required for those suffering. Now it has started manufacturing ambulances.

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