2 Jeep Models rolling towards India

For all those who are underestimating Fiat, there is news coming up. Fiat is apparently making plans to open 130 new dealerships across India and there is bigger news coming up. It seems that Fiat is keen to introduce its fellow comrade Jeep into the market and thus is planning to bring two cars of Jeep to India next year. There was a time when Fiat and Tata Motors were strong allies but then they fell apart due to some reasons unaccounted for. Both of the companies had strong dealership deals going on but it seems that the destiny had something else written for the allies.

2 Jeep Models rolling towards India
There are a lot of models of Jeep that are pretty revered and muscular. But Fiat is still working out as to which models it should push out into the arena. If Jeep comes to India, then it will be having different showrooms and dealerships will be limited. It is being said that the first model of Jeep to roll onto the Indian roads will be the Grand Cherokee said to be one of the best models to hit the company garage. If Jeep Grand Cherokee is launched in India, then it will straightaway lock horns with Mercedes Benz ML-Class, BMW X3 and Audi Q5. The price of Jeep Grand Cherokee will fall somewhere in the range of Rs. 45-60 Lakh. Fiat and Jeep have been together since for a long time now and both the companies are looking forward to making their presence felt in the Indian automobile market said to be one of the most thriving automobile markets that are booming with other markets across the world. The two Jeep models that Fiat is planning to bring to India will be hard on the compatriot SUVs that roll here in India. The second model of Jeep that is presumed to be making its way to India is none other than Jeep Liberty. Liberty will not be as expensive as the Grand Cherokee and will be priced in the range of Rs. 25-28 Lakh.

The ergonomics of the cars have been made up in such a manner that it delivers the best performance even in the roughest terrains. The cars are a sort of a cross-roader as well owing to the rough tires that they have been equipped with. These tires are of high durability and provide an impressive traction control to the car thus making it convenient to be driven in even the most uneven terrains. There are bleak chances that the car will lose its balance as the tires have a firm grip of the surface over which the car is treading. There are various locations in India across many cities that are being considered as the landmarks for the dealership points as well as the service centres of the company. Thus, those who are into off-roaders and that too with a muscular appeal should take a ride of this muscle and they will surely not be disappointed with what the car has to offer.

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