2011 Mitsubishi Colt in India

Mitsubishi Colt Review

Mitsubishi Motors is all set to launch its hatchback model the Mitsubishi Colt into the Indian car market. The Japanese manufacturer has had cars in almost every segment in the Indian market for a while now but the Colt will represent its first foray into the small car segment and will be available in a five-door version or a three-door version.

Initially the five-door version is set to enter the market with Mitsubishi officials saying the three-door model will follow suit fairly soon afterwards. The Car is expected to be available to Indian buyers in early 2011 and will be available for an estimated price of between 7 – 8 Lakhs.

The small car segment in India is presently dominated by the likes of Maruti Suzuki Swift, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Ritz, Nissan Micra and Ford Figo and Mitsubishi Motors is going to have a tough task of trying to gain a decent market share in the Indian market. They will have to think of some innovative marketing and sales tactics to ensure that the Mitsubishi Colt does not disappear into the background.

Performance – Mitsubishi Colt in India

Mitsubishi has always been a leading car manufacturer when it comes to producing high performance cars. Their range of vehicles like its best selling Mitsubishi Lancer, Pajero, Cedia, Montero and Outlander all show that Mitsubishi as a car maker is very particular about performance.

The Mitsubishi Colt sticks to this trend and performs really well as a result of the new developments and improvements that Mitsubishi has made to the new generation vehicle. The Mitsubishi Colt comes with a 1.5 liter engine with four cylinders and is available in both the petrol and diesel versions. The engine delivers 70 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque which shows that Mitsubishi has done its homework when it comes to tuning the car for Indian roads and drivers.

The high torque at a low RPM of 2000 make s the car very powerful at lower speeds ensuring that driver have a hassle free city driving and the car is agile and nimble enough to move through city traffic. The Mitsubishi Colt is also a very fuel efficient car and gives 16 km/l liter when driving in the city and 21 km/l while driving on the highway.

The Mitsubishi Colt is a very agile vehicle and has good low-end acceleration making it not only easy but lots of fun as well to drive within city limits. Drivers will find it comfortable to zip in and out of traffic while trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Handling is improved by the use of McPherson strut bars for the front suspension and torsion bars for the rear suspension. Driving at speed should also not pose a problem as the car is fixed with front disc brakes and a pair of rear drum brakes ensuring that the vehicle stops briskly and safely from any speed.


The Mitsubishi Colt is very stylishly designed and is definitely one of the next generations of Mitsubishi cars when it comes to design. It incorporates the new look style of most newer Mitsubishi models with its sharp lines and crisp curves at the front, which mould seamlessly into the smoother more feminine rear end.

The headlights as well are the new generation and are common in the new Evolution, Outlander and Pajero. The interior of the car is well styled as well and provides ample comfort and room for all five occupants. The front cabin is stylishly designed with ergonomically placed buttons and knobs adorning the dash and steering wheel. Seats are also very comfortable and support the driver and passenger comfortably.

The Mitsubishi Colt comes standard with tinted windows, central locking, remote fuel filler cap, rain sensing wipers, rake adjustment for the steering wheel, electric outside rear view mirrors and a 60:40 rear foldable seats. Boot capacity is also good and when the rear seats are folded provide a big improvement on storage space.

Mitsubishi Colt Pricing and Recommendations

The new Mitsubishi Colt continues the tradition that started in 1962 with the first generation colt of being small but powerful. This seventh generation colt now combine the latest in exterior styling with the best interior design making it one eluvia car.

The Colt packs quite a punch and is very comfortable and stable to drive in the city as it features McPherson strut bar suspension at the front and Torsion bars at the rear. The car also uses front disk brakes and rear drum brakes which make braking at speeds a cinch and also enables the car to stop quickly.

Additional features available in the Mitsubishi Colt that would make a good option for anyone looking to buy a small car in India are dual front airbags, power steering, power windows with driver’s one touch control, fog lamps, ABS, EBD, cruise control and a CD/Mp3 dash integrated audio system.

The Mitsubishi Colt should be a good addition to India’s small car segment and should provide some decent competition and options to buyers in India. Mitsubishi cars have generally been well received in India and there are no reasons why the Colt should not follow suit.

2011 Mitsubishi Colt India Specifications and Price

Vehicle Category: Hatchback
Engines (standard): 1.5 L, 4-cyl inline, 70 HP, 210 Nm torque
Drivetrain: Front engine, 5 passenger, 5-door hatch, FWD
Transmissions (standard): 5-speed manual
Curb Weight: 1256 kg
0-100 kph: 9 secs (est.)
Mileage city/hwy: 16 / 21 kmpl
Mitsubishi Colt Price: Rs.7 – 8 Lakh (est)

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