2012 Conquest Evade revealed

For those of us who have always wondered what the mean armoured vehicle in Fast and Furious (Fifth instalment) in which Dwayne Johnson was travelling was, there is something for them. Conquest Evade is one of the meanest armoured cars ever made and comes with deadbeat looks which gives a whole FBI feeling to the person travelling in it. Conquest vehicles is an enterprise in Canada which specializes in making armoured vehicles for special duty and this is the latest mean machine that will be rolling out of its garage soon.

But there is one more thing to the car. Evade is not yet fully armoured so we might just call it the unarmoured version of the meanster. The monster would be having new head lamps along with hood scoops and wraparound tail-lamps. The grille of the car has been redesigned and the fenders are bulging out giving an aggressive appeal. The design of the Evade will be the benchmark and will inspire the flagship monster of Conquest which will be its next venture. This will be named Knight XV and will come later.

2012 Conquest Evade revealed

The exoskeleton of the car is built keeping in mind the chassis of Ford F550 which is a heavy-duty meanster that has inspired a lot of other cars of the same genre.The outer exo-skeleton of the car has been made using high-quality aluminium steel blend which is highly durable and takes a lot of complex process to shape up. The handles on the car have also been done up using aluminium and whereas other components of the car such as the steering wheel, running board, hinges as well as the key of the car has been made using high-quality stainless steel. The interiors of the monster have been done up to give a military feel and at the same time give the passengers a sense of luxury as the seating arrangement of the truck has been taken from limousine . The cues inside the car totally seem to show and highlight a military heavy-duty car. There are two options of seating one of which is the driver partition set-up whereas the other one is the retractable flat-screen TV that makes a bigger gap between the driver and the passengers. Other features inside the car include power windows, FLIRcamera systems installed both for the front part of the car as well as the rear part and these camera systems are totally night-vision. Adding to this there is air ride suspension of commercial grade which makes the car tread over rough terrains without losing its control over the path. Few more features deserve a mention such as sunroof and laptop trays.

Conquet Evade 2012 will come with a colossal price tag of Rs.3.18 croresand will be available both in the petrol as well as the diesel powertrain variant. There is also an option of 4×4 system in the car depending on the interests of the buyer. And the price tag mentioned above comes excluding the excise duties.

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