2013 Opel Corsa Ecoflex Seen Testing in India

2013 Opel Corsa is seen doing tests rounds in India, which one of us maybe thinking that it’s getting ready for the local launch. But contradicting to our expectations, we came to know the test mule that is seen here is not for the launch but the owner of Opel i.e. GM tries seeking outputs from it for the derivation to be applied on India-specific various Chevrolet models. However, there is a strong reason for such, as said; the General Motors may be vying to get in boots right against Maruti and Hyundai. Though the previous attempt of Sail sedan and many more had went into vain for them, so the carmaker would have thought of giving these bugs a rocket shoot with the new flicks.

If thought of getting this vehicle on our local grounds then we learnt, speculations for such is a waste of time, because price tags of getting Corsa (in India) will tear the roof of hatchback segment, as it seems not tending to fall efficient in the respective repertoire of government’s taxation system.

Opel Corsa Ecoflex
The spy shot is taken in Bengaluru where the R&D centre of GM is situated. And when speaking the language of engine, it was revealed Opel Corsa Ecoflex sports 1.4L petrol motor that churns out 87bhp. And if given with the turbocharger then the results can be compiled to that of Mercedes Benz A Class and all, sitting in between with 120PS with 200Nm of torque. This similar type of trend can also be witnessed in the recently launched Polo GT TSI and the upcoming Ford EcoSport.

Hence, many of us may be thinking what model plates that GM will use to get this technology as a part of the clear competitive sweep. It is surfaced; Sail and Cruze are the badges that can do justice with it if given aspirations of turbocharger under their hoods.

2013 Opel Corsa Ecoflex Seen Testing

However, we think if the America based automaker try to look into the way of diesel for such temperament then the worked-out exercise may get in better results than the expectations. Hope so got the point!

Image Courtesy – Overdrive.in

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