2013 Toyota Corolla: Images and details

In many areas of the world, C is as much for Corolla because it’s for the word car. What with the Japanese automobile manufacturer coming up with umpteenth versions of this famous vehicle. At the headquarters of the company, the city which bears the company’s name, executives from India, Brazil, Thailand and United States were informed about the project 140. The 2013 Toyota Corolla was considered to be the next-gen vehicle, developed and designed in Europe, making it different from American and Japanese. In terms of design, the present vehicle has surely aged with minimal shoulder line, which doesn’t appears wider unlike 170mm.

2013 Toyota Corolla: Images and details
According to the sources, the interior of 2013 Toyota Corolla reminds us of that on Asian Camry and will feature wooden finish, automatic climate control with LCD screen, multifunction steering wheel and Navigation system.

About Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational automobile manufacturing company situated in Toyota, Aichi in Japan. In 2010, it employed 317,734 people all over the world and was the largest automobile manufacturer by production in 2010 of the world.

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