2014 Hyundai i10 debuts at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

The new-generation Hyundai i10 for India has been revealed last week with a tagging called “i10 Grand”. But that doesn’t replicate the end of story for designers at Hyundai. They now debut a slightly tweaked version at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show exclusively for the European markets.

The European 2014 i10 is much distinct than the India-driven i10 Grand. It has the roof rails and distinctive looking rear doors with unlikely window line. Korean carmaker also added new package of features and advancement for the Europeans to conclude the best.

However, Hyundai had made different engine options available for India-specific and Europe specific. The latter one gets a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder petrol and a 1.2-liter Kappa2 petrol options in its list, while the former one bows down 1.2l Kappa petrol and a 1.1L diesel engine to its specific audience. It means the oil burners are not meant for the Europeans, we Indians are enjoying this benefit at the cost of some cosmetic negligence, which can be understood when given down a better fuel-economy at a cheaper rate in this sky-rocketing times of petrol prices.

Hyundai i10 at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show
The new i10 sits in between present-generation 10 and i20, where we expect that Korean carmaker to post some astonishing numbers this time, where it has concluded a new inning by blurring the line between two of the most aspiring segments of automotive horizon.

Hyundai i10 launches in India

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