2014 Indian Auto Expo: DC Design reveals Tia and Eleron

Following the tradition of displaying new and outrageous cars at the Expo, DC Design has introduced its latest Eleron. This car is an open top four-seater. The design of the car has been characterized by overlapping surface, curved edges and long lines. The big aggressive grille of the car in the front adds to the sporty look of the car. This Eleron SUV has 22 inch wheels with 285-section tyres. The braking of the car is handled by the ventilated disc brakes that work along with ESP and ABS. The cabin is said to be covered with a hood while there are four leather seats in total.

Eleron is expected to feature a 2.0-litre, 265bhp turbo petrol engine along with a price tag of Rs.35 lakhs. The Tia, on the other hand, is a two-seater sports car. According to DC Deign, the small footprint of the company is suitable for commuting in an urban environment. Tia is said to be powered by a 120bhp, 1.2-litre engine, which will be offered to the customers at a price of Rs.18 lakhs.

DC Design has said that they have invested over Rs.50 crores for the production of Tia and Eleron each. The company is expecting to sell 1,000 units of Tia and 500 units of Eleron by the year 2016.  They have also pointed out about their investment of Rs.85 crores for the production of the new Avanti two-seater. From the third quarter of this year, the company is looking for a production capacity of 2,000 units.

DC Design Tia

New DC Design Tia DC Design Tia interiors

DC Eleron SUV

DC Eleron SUV Back View DC Eleron SUV interiors

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