2014 Mercedes Benz C Class will derive a BMW 3 Series GT rival in future: Report

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class is still under wraps and is posing for the spy-shots again and again. Now, the report in the industry claims MB of making a hatchback that being based on the platform of new C Class. Hence, the upcoming C Class based hatchback would counter BMW 3 Series GT on the immediate note. Well, the reports at Edmunds also stated that new vehicle will be the “sportiest and most athletic” C-Class until the coupe arrives in 2015.

Not much of the conclusion is delivered on this model plate. It can be confirmed, C Class hatchback would drive the Mercedes Rear Drive Architecture (MRA) which is being pinned underneath the sedan too. Its wheelbase will span approximately 112 inches (2844mm), and despite that notched measurements in the body length, 2014 C-Class sedan is speculated to trim down approximately 70 kg (154 lbs) as compared to the present generation model.

“It is aimed at those markets, like the United Kingdom and Australia, that enjoy taut-feeling athletic cars,” said the sources (for report). They also added, “Interior will be something special. It will have better materials and technology in the interior than the outgoing S-Class and the connectivity will be light-years ahead.”

Mercedes Benz C Class

For now, speculating engine specifications is quite too early; we leave this job to the officials of the Edmunds itself. Let them only to shower some light on it.

BMW 3 Series GT

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