2014 Renault Duster Facelift Spied

Going to get the Nissan’s version of Duster very soon, Renault had started testing the Duster facelift to go boomerang on it by next year or so. Duster had debuted in international market by 2010 and came to India just last year itself. In spite of being termed for this so short time, Duster had did great jobs for the organization wherever it was rolled out. But now it is in the schedule for many of the markets to receive its facelift, who are quite bored looking the same for long three years. And here for them we present, the new “Duster facelift” that is recently spied testing in Southern Europe going under the heat test, which is expectedly to go previewing 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The posted photos are slightly camouflaged, so only minute details can be revealed. The front is almost covered, where most of the changes are going to take place.

Rear of the vehicle is expected to be same, but the interiors will receive updates as brief as possible. In order to remain cost effective, there will be no more of the heavy pegs comparison for the world’s cheapest SUV, but hopefully the quality that it is going to ally here for the new generation will be of ample satisfaction.

2014 Dacia Duster facelift
So till the new French wine arrives to Frankfurt paddock, we can wait and bite our nails annoyingly for the cost of our most loved yet cheapest off-roader to remain in the respective plethora itself. Hopefully, it will not be hiked, because the Nissan is also planning a one with niche interiors that will be rolled out by the end of this year, so Duster can now enjoy those unaffected overwhelming sale numbers too.

Dacia Duster facelift

2014 Dacia Duster facelift Back View

Image Courtesy – www.worldcarfans.com

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