2015 Volkswagen Phaeton to boast VW’s innovative family design

The substitution for the Phaeton will influence the complete Volkswagen array.

The new-gen Phaeton will bring in an innovative design direction for Volkswagen when it hits sales outlets by the year 2015.

The existing range got its influence by the Golf – which design honcho Klaus Bischoff has accepted was a big fault – so the car maker will take on a ‘top-down’ idea, headed by the latest flagship saloon.

2015 Volkswagen Phaeton to boast VW’s innovative family design
“Utilizing a bottom-up design policy did not work,” Bischoff stated.

“Flagship vehicles such as the Phaeton should work as halo products and influence the system the other vehicles in the series appear, rather than the other method round.”

Klaus also damned cars in the firm’s existing array for looking alike, and guaranteed that future Volkswagens will have more uniqueness.

“There will be an exact appearance for saloons, one for our sport utility vehicles, one for the people carriers and one for our hatchbacks,” he added.

But while future Volkswagens will look ‘cooler’, Bischoff promised that this innovative approach would not compromise level-headedness or driving practices.

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