2016 Jaguar XF spotted testing for first time

XF was the only model-plate of Jaguar which was left to receive the tweaking for the 2016 make. The F-Type convertible launch, F-Type coupe in the processes, XJ facelift for the 2016, BMW 3 Series rivaling Jag in the works; hence it was only the XF which was there to receive the good news for his own-self in 2016.

However, there are not many of the big changes spotted on the 2016 XF, but the picture which one can see it here on this blog is of the spy-shot of same caught for the first time.

Well, some days back the Jaguar did a minor facelift works on the XF badge, but the use of a wider chassis on same can be spotted this time on 2016 make.

2016 Jaguar XF
The test mule seen here which was spotted in UK holds the new hood and a new bumper too, where we expect the headlamps can be also be refreshed if our inclination doesn’t proves wrong. But the new air-intakes between the front wheel and door says, the Jaguar maybe testing the new engines for it in the new league of XF for making 2016 halt a prominent.

Just drooling over this jolt, as say what the BMW 5 series would have to after seeing this 2016 XF testing on the roads in UK. Are there any of the excitement stored from the Bavarian side?

Jaguar XF spotted Back View

2016 Jaguar XF spied

Image Courtesy: WorldCarFans

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