2017 Honda CR-V Will Be A 7-Seater – Report

Since CR-V was introduced to US market in 1997, Honda hasn’t grown all that much, but the Crossover Recreational Vehicle remained a solid seller for the automaker for quite some time. And if sources are to be believed, we got a scoop stating that next generation Honda CR-V will be available with seven-passenger seating capacity. Wah…really?

Leon Brannan, Honda’s UK Chief said: “The next generation Honda CR-V will grow in size, in a bid to distance itself from Honda’s new compact crossover, the Honda HR-V or Honda Vezel in some markets.” He also went ahead and said that the vehicle is a massive pillar for the automaker and will remain a two-wheel drive, thus creating space for CR-V in the market. Sounds right!

2017 Honda CR-V Will Be A 7-Seater

The interior of 2017 Honda CR-V will integrate a lot from HR-V; these include smaller car’s dashboard layout and touchscreen infotainment system. It will also borrow the engines – 1.6 liter diesel that’s good for 118bhp with 221 pound feet of torque and 1.5 liter petrol that produces 128bhp.

At present, the automaker competes with Volkswagen Tiguan, Jeep Cherokee, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota RAV4. Whatever Honda comes out with should surely be well polished and top notch. Thoughts, anyone?

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