2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk | SWOT Analysis Review | 4×4 |

2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk | SWOT Analysis Review | 4x4 |

In this video today, we review the latest launch from Jeep, the Jeep Compass Trailhawk using the principles of SWOT Analysis. We have a look at Trailhawk’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & lastly the threat it faces from its rivals.

So without any further ado, let us begin with the strengths of the Trailhawk.


  • Only 4×4 In Segment 

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk is the only All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) car in its segment. What makes the compass special is that the all-wheel drive is not just a feature gimmick, but it actually makes the Compass a capable crossover SUV. Surely, it cannot be compared with a ladder on frame chassis 4×4 like the Endeavour, but for a monocoque chassis architectured crossover the Compass performs fairly well. With the trailhawk badging, it gets a few special tricks up its sleeves which makes it even better than the standard Compass in terms of off-roading. So definitely Jeep plays the monopoly here as they have no rivals offering an AWD powertrain. 

  • Off-Road Features

The Trailhawk comes with a few extra features than the standard Compass, like the Off-Road modes, All-Terrain tyres, underbody protection kit. The Trailhawk gets rock mode which is not offered in the standard Compass. This offers a superb crawling capability to the SUV. The Trailhawk does not get a transfer case for the 4-Wheel Drive system, but with software tunes, it ensures that the gearbox offers a crawl ratio of 20:1, which ensures that the Trailhawk never begs for traction in tricky situations. 

  • Build Quality 

One must think that the monocoque chassis might just make the Compass an off-roader for namesake, but it actually amazes us with the level of beating it can take without bogging down. The standard compass itself is known for its superior build quality and premium materials used in the cabin. The Trailhawk takes that baton a step ahead, with off-road protection kit. The underbody of the Trailhawk is protected by a metal skid plate which saves the underbelly from scraping itself. So you can take your Trailhawk over axle twisters without fearing the damage. 

The build quality is superb in the cabin too, if you remember the first generation of Compass, you will realise how much the new Compass has changed and for good. The dash layout is now much neater and layered, as compared to the previous generation. The double stitching over the leatherette seats and dash, the subtle use of carbon fibre and the red stitching over the seats offer a sense of premium material. You can definitely not complain about the quality of materials or the lack of features in the new Compass Trailhawk. 

  • Diesel Powertrain

The Trailhawk comes with a 2.0 L turbocharged diesel engine, which delivers a good torque figure for the off-roading experience and at the same time it also ensures that it delivers a good fuel economy, which otherwise in a petrol engine would be impossible. Considering the recent shift of manufacturers towards the petrol engine to comply with the BS-6 regulations, it’s a win for Jeep India to offer the Trailhawk with the diesel powertrain. 


  • Rear Space

The Compass has been infamous for the lack of rear cabin space. You cannot expect it to be a chauffeur-driven car, where the rear seats hold maximum comfort. The Compass instead, focuses on the front passenger’s comfort. This does not mean that the rear seats are not comfortable at all, they are just not meant to be used for a tall passenger on a daily basis. 

  • No Low Ratio Gearbox

The Trailhawk comes with the rock mode which enhances the traction level, however it does not get the conventional 4-Wheel Drive gearbox with a transfer case, which lets you utilise the low ratio gearing. 

The Trailhawk works just fine with its 9-Speed gearbox, but for a hardcore enthusiast, this might be a bummer. 

  • Price 

The Trailhawk is currently being offered at Rs 30.72 Lakhs, which is introductory pricing. If the brand decides on a price hike in the future, one might wonder about the feasibility of the premium being paid, as the standard Compass 4×4 is not a bad off-roader either.


  • Refined gearbox

Enthusiasts who have driven the Trailhawk do mention the initial lag and sluggish response from the gearbox. They say that the Trailhawk only gets going and picks up momentum when it shifts from second to third gear. The first gear pull is not a very seat pinning experience. So if the brand can work on this fly in the ointment, I believe they’ll be good to go. 


  • Mahindra XUV 700 AWD 

The only contender in the segment which can pose a threat to the Trailhawk is the XUV 700. Mahindra’s flagship SUV comes with almost all the features that the Compass Trailhawk has to offer, at a fraction of the price. The only thing missing would be the terrain drive modes, but one can overlook the lack of this feature, considering the price one pays. 


To conclude this SWOT Analysis review, we can say that the Compass Trailhawk is an ideal off-roader SUV for a person, who finds the standard 4×4 Compass not much capable. When both the siblings go head to head, it’s the Trailhawk that will take you further on the off-road trail. So if a capable 4×4 is what your expectations are from the SUV, then you can trust the Trailhawk blindly. 


  • Off-Road Features- Off-Road Modes, All-Terrain tyres & Underbody Protection Kit
  • 2.0 L Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
  • Power – 170 HP & 350 Nm Torque 
  • 9-Speed Gearbox
  • Price – Rs 30.72 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)

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