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Yes, you do have a brand new car as of now however after a few days or may be weeks, its novelty would fade a bit depending on the elements it has been exposed to. This is quite common for any car or bike. While buying an automobile, buyers would usually want it to retain its gleaming paint job even after the many years it it supposed to be in duty. Not many however succeed in this and eventually after a few years, they just neglect it. The pangs return when your neighbor purchases a new car and you know that your current financial situation doesn’t support a new car purchase. That’s when you start spitting and polishing your car to make it appear now. Most probably your best attempts would show some gleam in the car but not entirely a new paint job like gleam. Don’t worry because there is a world renowned professional to take care of this and they are known as 3M Car Care.

I had a personal experience with 3M Car Care that I would like to share. I have a 2 year old Skoda Octavia and had the aforementioned pangs when my neighbor brought in a new Honda Civic. Now, I knew that my Skoda Octavia was way better than his Honda Civic however when I saw the gleaming red paint of the Honda Civic and my sort of buffed paint, I was jealous. I wanted to change the entire color of my Skoda Octavia however when I enquired for it at the Skoda service center, the service personnel were quick to point out that it would cost me a cool Rs. 54,000. While I was just meddling my thoughts as to what was the next cheaper option, bang, I was right in front of the 3M Car Care center. Taking a cue, I asked the friendly sales person how much would it take to restore the shine in my car and he made a quick look over of my car and quoted the figure of Rs.5000.

Wow! Since I always carry cash in excess of Rs.5000 with me, I agreed to it. The waiting period given was a cool 4 hours. Since I had nothing much to do that day, I opted to wait at their waiting lounge and also check the proceedings through the glass area. First of all, my Skoda Octavia was given a thorough car wash. The service personnel informed me that this was done to remove the fine abrasive particles which can scratch the paint during later stages of treatment. To remove all the grime and dirt, pressure washing as well as 3M Car Care’s special car shampoo and all-purpose cleaner were applied. It was then given a shower and then dried using 3M Car Care’s special drying technology. A layer of their special clay named 3M Car Care cleaner spray was applied to remove any paint contaminants and over spray. While doing all this, care was taken to ensure that all the chrome parts, glass area and even the badges were masked with a tape. This was done to prevent them from getting scuffed.

The second last stage, as the professional turned to explain to me, was the rubbing compound been applied onto the car now. It was applied uniformly on the car and then buffed using the buffer broom. This evened out the surface of the car and formed a protective layer on the paint surface. This off course is invisible to the naked eye. After 30 minutes or so, a final wax coat was applied and the buffer broom treatment continues. After 30 more minutes, the car is driven out and then handed over to me for an inspection. I pointed out that few of the scratches haven’t gone. The service personnel told me that this car treatment doesn’t take care of it and I would have to opt for a paint one to take care of that. It would cost me an additional Rs.3000 for that. I was fine with those scratches{man, how many would you endure in a day and that too to make your car look new?}. The service personnel handed me a receipt stating the date on which this treatment was done and also a guarantee saying that this lustrous coat would last upto 60 washes. He even confirmed that paint is now been protected from harsh sunlight, dust and even water-dirt combination. With my wallet lighter by Rs.5000, I rolled out of their service outlet and onto the road. I notice something apart from the lighter wallet, it was those glances that I was receiving from pedestrians and other car owners as well. My half successful mission was completed when my neighbor{the new Honda Civic one} also complemented my car and said that it looked like a new one.

Thanks to 3M Car Care, I have got my car “renewed”.

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