5th Generation Honda City Variants Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Honda City Variants Explained

You may determine which Honda City petrol, hybrid variation, or even a second hand honda city to purchase based on ex-showroom costs, variant-specific features, and overall value for money by reading this page on variants.

Here, we assess and unbiasedly evaluate the various variations and features of the Honda City to determine which variant is the best buy in terms of price and ownership experience.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Honda City petrol?

The benefits of Honda City petrol include:

  • Honda City has a C-segment length. Even after the Skoda Slavia was introduced, it is still the longest vehicle in its class, but the difference is small.
  • There are four possible engine-transmission pairings: diesel-manual, petrol-manual, petrol-automatic, and hybrid petrol-automatic.
  •  It now has a 6-speed manual transmission, as opposed to the original, 4-generation City’s 5-speed manual.
  • Most sedan buyers should be satisfied with the well-priced and well-equipped V variant because it has the features to compete with some of its competitors’ top models. The base model of the Honda City is equipped with four airbags, VSM, agile handling assist, and TPMS. We receive cruise control, 15-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry and ignition, and linked features. In a base variant of a car in this segment, none of these features had ever been seen before.

The following drawbacks or issues exist with the Honda City petrol:

  • Given that even the base model with the petrol-manual drivetrain costs more than Rs. 11.0 lakh, the high entry price prevents many sedan customers from purchasing it.
  • The worst torque-to-weight ratio among its competitors is roughly 125 Nm/tonne; at the lower end among its competitors.
  • 185-section tyres are too small for a car this size and price. The Baleno features wider tyres as well.
  • Automatic versions are slightly more expensive than manual versions and cost an additional Rs. 1.30 lakh to Rs. 1.40 lakh.
  • No turbo petrol engine choice.
  • Even when taking into account the hybrid’s enhanced performance, ADAS features, and greater mileage estimate, the vehicle still feels pricey and provides poor value for the money.

 Which Honda City petrol model should you purchase?

  • Most consumers will be satisfied with the Honda City’s V model because it is so fully equipped. The higher variations of any other C-segment sedan may not even be necessary for some buyers who might otherwise choose it to satisfy their needs. The base model of the new, fifth-generation Honda City comes in a high entry segment but is equipped with salient features that surely provides satisfaction for money invested and it receives our highest recommendation. Even a second hand Honda City of the same will be a worthy option
  • From a value standpoint, upgrading to the VX model  is not necessary; some cool additions are included in the City VX version, but not all of the original City’s features have been included. The motorised sunroof, which is available with the VX trim, may wow certain people. Six airbags, a 7-inch semi-digital driver’s display, eight speakers, and 16-inch alloy wheels with diamond cuts are some examples of premium amenities. Nevertheless, this alternative is worth considering because it is not overpriced relative to the extra features. The majority of its characteristics are desirable and fashion-focused. Therefore, we advise you to switch to the ZX version and bet everything.
  • During your ownership, you’ll value the features found in the ZX model, such as ambient lighting, rear curtains, and LED headlamps. Whether you choose to purchase a City petrol vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission, the advice is the same.
  • For City hybrid customers, it appears that the ZX hybrid is a somewhat pricey upgrade due to the extra amenities, improved performance, and increased mileage. As a result, we do not advise upgrading to the ZX hybrid variant because it is not a cost-effective choice.

Being a car of value you can get a new or even a second hand Honda city as per your requirements. We hope that this article has helped you in any way to get a new or a second hand Honda City. You can get your best variant of second hand Honda City from Spinny, the most reliable & trusted used car dealer. Spinny has the following USPs – 200-point inspection, 5-day money-back policy, 1-year Spinny’s warranty and fixed price assurance.

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