A Mysterious Renault Spied Testing: Maybe Nissan Qashqai based Crossover

Rumour mills sometimes get hit with the models that remain unidentified to a sort. This time from Renault, a car is been spied in northern Sweden which probably looks like the Fluence facelift, but minute details regret saying that so.

Mysterious test-mules are in Sweden for the winter tests.

The differentiation between Fluence facelift and this mysterious test-mule can be spotted from wider track and high rise driving stance.

Hence, it can also be possible that Renault would be testing a crossover following the sister’s company’s success of Nissan Qashqai. The test mule looks prominent to be a front-wheel drive variant.

Mysterious Renault testing

At the moment nothing can be confirmed about the mysterious test-mule. We expect the French carmaker to spill some of the beans at one or the other press meets/events in near future.

Mysterious Renault Back View Renault's crossover

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