A Sporty 410-Horse Carriage – The ABT RS Q3

In fairy tales, princess ride on greys. In Bavaria, one rides a white carriage and 410 hoses. Because once upon a time, there was a solid Audi RS Q3, uprated by 100 horsepower and exciting look by ABT Sportsline. In sum, we now have no less than 301kW/410HP. Maximum torque is 530, rather than 420 newton meters, and so the Sports Utility Vehicle is accelerated almost as if Rumpelstiltskin were chasing it.

Hans-Jurgen ABT, Chief Executive Officer of the globally largest tuner of cars produced by Audi and Volkswagen said: “And all this has nothing to do with black magic. It has all been realized in form of an ABT Power New Generation package. What’s special about it is the ABT Engine Control, a control unit we developed that integrates its own software. We therefore combine maximum dependability with maximum power.

Audi RS Q3

Do you think ABT RS Q3 is superior only because of its engine power? Thanks to a sports-type height adjustable suspension, it also wears seven league boots. A new front skirt including grille will make it surely standout in rearview mirrors. And in terms of overtaking prestige, ABT has outfitted the SUV in a way, which would make you trade your kingdom for it. The 21 inch ABT DR alloy wheels, an ABT rear skirt set and sporty decal set including a stainless steel 4-pipe exhaust system only prove that Shakespeare was right. All’s well that ends well!

New Audi RS Q3

A Sporty 410-Horse Carriage - The ABT RS Q3

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