ABB eyes big chances in India with electric vehicles

Following the electric route to India is the Swedish-Swiss company that built electric prototypes in late 90’s. The company has had ties with General Motors and Nissan electrical and robotic related projects believes the conditions in India are perfect for an electric vehicle.

Bazmi Husain, Managing Director, ABB India announced the potential market in India and is looking forward to set up their manufacturing unit, create storage systems and provide power electronics.

The company plans to set up charging stations across the nation, claim a recharge range of above 100 km in just 10 mins.

ABB eyes big chances in India with electric vehicles
And Husain believes such technologies will be a great deal of help for India, where people are obsessed by mileage.

The company has delivered excellence in building projects in a collaboration with General Motors with the Chevy Volt and with Nissan on the Nissan Leaf. It provided expertise in re-use of lithium-ion battery packs from electric cars.

However, Bazmi did not disclose anything about prospects of partnerships with Indian automobile manufacturers or government for charging infrastructure or electric component supply.

With Tata and Mahindra & Mahindra developing eco-friendly cars, the market for electric vehicles is booming in India. Tata launched the electric variants of Indica and Ace van after tie-ups with the Norway-based electric vehicle company, Miljo Greenland. Whereas, Mahindra Reva has a formidable space in electric car segment. The Government on the other hand announced setting up a national mission to promote hybrid and electric vehicles.

Hussain believes the Indian electric market is in its early stages and he sees potential for growth with development of the infrastructure.

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