Accusation of Cheating in US Emission Tests Made on Volkswagen

Audi and Volkswagen may be fined an amount as much as 18 billion USD or USD 37500 per car for cheating on emission regulation tests undertaken by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the USA. It is alleged that Volkswagen used a particular software for 48,200 of its diesel cars in order to trick the tests. This device could detect when EPA tests were being undergone by the cars and thereby switch on all the emission control systems in the cars which would make them compliant. However, these controls were switched off when actual on road driving was taking place and this resulted in emissions that were as much as 40 times emission compliance standards.


VW has already issued an apology for this clear breach of trust and has said that it will cooperate fully with any agency responsible for the correction and will do that on an urgent and transparent basis. They have also ordered an external investigation into the matter and have reiterated that no violations of rules or law will be allowed by the company.

As per EPA, the cars which are undergoing investigation were emitting as much as 40 times the standard set nationally for nitrogen oxide. However, in spite of these accusations, the cars will continue to remain legal for sales and for driving. Volkswagen though will be issuing a recall on 500000 cars as per US regulatory requirements while sales of the newest Audi and Volkswagen models are also being put on hold.

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