Acura ILX Sedan to be Showcased by Honda at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Acura and Honda’s next wave of new cars will hit all ends of consumer range from everyday driver to billionaire superhero. The Japanese carmaker Honda is planning to reveal four concept cars at 2012 North America International Motor Show in Detroit in the month of January, including first look at coupe version of 9th generation Honda Accord, redesigned high performance sportscar and entry level Acura, which will vignette in summer blockbuster. The Honda Accord, company’s best selling model will enter its 30th year of production at Marysville Auto facility. The entire lineup of Accord is projected to introduce next fall and will be the 3rd of Honda’s three best selling cars to undergo three redesigns in past year plus. The new Honda CR-V will be marketed in December 2011, while new line of Civic models has hit showrooms this spring.

Acura ILX Sedan to be Showcased by Honda at 2012 Detroit Auto ShowThe new Acura ILX Sedan being positioned as gateway to Acura luxury lineup will be showcased. It will be designed and engineered in Greenburg, Indiana and will be the first car added to the facility, which has developed Civic since it established in the year 2008. Eyes also will on the prototype of 2013 Acura RDX, a sport utility vehicle developed in East Liberty and Acura NSX concept, two-seater super sportscar, which was built between 1990 and 2005. The production of Acura ILX Sedan will start from the month of March 2012. It is the same plant where famous cars of Honda are rolled out such as Honda Civic and its Sedan’s CNG variant, not worldwide though. Nonetheless, the new Acura ILX is a 5th vehicle from the company to be introduced out of its single base at Indiana unit. The other four models developed and designed at Indiana facility include Acura NDX, Acura RDX, Acura TDX and Acura TL.

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