Additional deals for the month of June 2011

Yes, we know its too early to cite the additional deals for the month of June 2011 however some of the manufacturers have introduced some deals which are more or less way ahead of their competition and also included some special exclusive deals, which we couldn’t resist in bringing to our beloved readers. So here are some of the deals, apart from the ones which we quoted on (Deals for the month of June 2011).

Chevrolet :

Apart from the Beat, the General is offering discounts on its smallest car, the Chevrolet Spark. All the variants are being offered with generous discounts. The price cuts include an upfront discount of Rs 50k off the price of the Spark. This spells a truly irresistible deal on a car which has got an alternate fuel option as well. There is a benefit if you go for the high end spectrum Chevrolet Optra as well. Regardless of whether one chooses the petrol or diesel variant of the Optra, there is a flat cash discount of Rs 30k on all the variants. The Optra is a very capable sedan, comfortable in holding its fort against the slew of newer cars.

Fiat :

The Italian car maker has seen better days in India than the times its seeing now. To spruce up the sales, Fiat is offering a different kind of discount on its Punto hatchback. One has to pay Rs 5k upfront and Fiat would provide you with the extended warranty package, comprehensive insurance and also the roadside assistance package on both the petrol as also the diesel variants. If you were to individually sum up the cost of all the aforementioned factors, then it means you would have spent around Rs 33k extra. On the beauty Linea, the company is offering extended warranty, insurance and also roadside assistance for only Rs 7.5k for the diesel variant while the petrol variant enjoys a lower cost of Rs 3k. The entire cost of the freebies amounts to approximately Rs 40k. The company have however exempted the T-jet variant from this magnamity and infact are only offering the free extended warranty package on it. This saves the T-jet customer Rs 5k. A nice deal considering that the Linea is one of the classiest cars in its category.

Maruti :

India’s largest passenger car maker is not only offering discounts on its smallest car in India but is also offering discounts on the bigger SX4. Maruti dealerships across the country are offering a flat Rs 30k discount on the petrol engined SX4. This magnamity is also extended to the CNG variant. Moreover, if you are planning to exchange your current car at the nearest Maruti outlet, then you stand to gain an additional Rs 10k exchange bonus. All these details make the current petrol SX4 a value for money proposition. The company’s other value for money proposition, the Maruti Ritz has got upto Rs 25k off on its petrol engined variant whereas its much in demand diesel engine has got Rs 7k off from its sticker price. Moreover the exchange scheme for the Ritz entails an added exchange bonus of Rs 12k. The company’s other A segment offering, the Maruti A-star hasn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing and hence the company is offering huge discounts on it. A flat cash discount of Rs 33k is available on any variant of the A-star and the exchange bonus rises to Rs 17k, if one plans to exchange their current car at the Maruti outlet. The Maruti Estilo is another slow selling product and in the wake of competition, the company is offering generous discounts on this product. Rs 33k is the cash discount that the company is offering on this car and this includes all its variants. Moreover the exchange bonus sum amounts upto Rs 17k if one has plans of exchanging their current car at the Maruti TrueValue outlet. All these offers make the current Maruti offerings a good alternatives to the scores of other manufacturers present in this segment.

Mahindra :

The company’s number 1 UV and tractor maker, Mahindra and Mahindra are offering a great deal on their people mover, the Mahindra Xylo. Approximately 50 percent of the first year’s comprehensive insurance is being paid for by the company and the rest by the owner of the car. This translates to about savings of Rs 20k and this depends on the version that one is planning to purchase. Moreover exchange warranty worth Rs 10k is also being offered free of cost. All this accounts to approximately Rs 30,000 in savings. At this price, the value for money Xylo becomes even more value for money.

Tata :

The company which introduced the world’s cheapest car, Tata Motors are offering a great deal on the car. Tata Nanos are being offered with a Rs 5k off from their sticker price. If at all, you were thinking of buying this sweet little capable car, then now is the right time to book it. The company’s bigger hatchback, the Tata Indica Vista is being offered to prospective buyers with a Rs 35k price being deducted from its sticker price. This is only for the petrol variants whereas the diesels have got a Rs 10k price discount running on them. Considering that the Indica Vista is a value for money prospect, its but natural, a very good deal to contend with.

Toyota :

The world’s number 2 carmaker, Toyota Motor Corporation are present in India with the name as Toyota Kirloskar Motors. Before the updated 2011 Toyota Corolla Altis sets its foot on Indian shores, the company wants to chuck off its existing stock and make way for the new one. In this bid, the company is offering its petrol engined car with a very alluring offer. This may be the last time that Toyota rolls out any discounts on its Corolla range considering that the new one is not too far away. Petrol engined Corollas are offered with a discounted first year insurance rates. This amounts to savings close to Rs 22k upto Rs 30k depending on the variant selected. Toyota usually doesn’t dish out any offers for its Corolla range and this should be kept in mind.


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