All New Mercedes Benz C-Class Unveiled

The all new C-Class will be for the first time officially seen at the Detroit Motor Show and is expected to be in all showrooms worldwide by June 2014. This C-Class saloon being a fifth generation car has a dramatic look on the outside as well as the inside.

The car weighs 100kgs lighter than its predecessor because of its aluminum body parts. The car has been made more agile in terms of handling and also has reduced fuel consumption of up to twenty percent. The new C-Class’s handling has been improved to a great extent as a result of the five link rear and four link front suspension system with three setups to suit different degrees of sportiness and comfort. The car also offers air suspension as an option.

The consumers will have a choice between choosing the C180, C200 or C220 with 1.6-litre, 1.9-litre engines and 2.1-litre engines respectively. The line up for the engines will be further extended to 1.6-litre and 2.1-litre diesel engines. On the other hand, the BlueTech Hybrid C 300, with the use of an electric motor will combine four engines. This car includes safety features like enhanced active lane keeping system, traffic sign assistance with alerts for wrong ways, adaptive highbeam assist and BAS Plus brake assist.

The interiors of the car have a similar look to that of the new A-Class. It has five round air vents with a screen on the top of the dashboard. The manual version of the car has space for the driver to change gears where as the automatic version has a one piece centre console. The touch pad central control system has made its debut in the all the C-Class.

New Mercedes Benz C-Class

The car will have a coupe, estate as well as AMG variants. The car is 4684mm long, 1810mm wide and 1442mm high with a wheel base of 2840mm. The overall look of the car is appealing to the youth of the country with its rear and front ends avoiding sharp edges. The new look is bolder with luxurious interiors and modern looks. With longer wheelbase in the rear, the back seat passengers get 25mm more legroom, which also increases the overall width while adding to the space. The self leveling, fully adaptive airmatic suspension system offers a variety of driving modes from sport+ to comfort.

Meanwhile, the steering setup is a speed sensitive electro mechanical system. The car offers two types of transmission system, the seven speed dual clutch automatic system and the six-speed manual transmission system. There is also rumor going around regarding the introduction of a nine-speed automatic variant down the line. Even though the rear-wheel drive is standard, the car will also have a four wheel drive variant later in the year. The New C-Class is a combination of the S-Class and the A-Class with a host of technologies being derived from the S-Class. These technologies include autonomous driving at low speed levels along with drowsiness detection and steering assistance. With the launch of the car in 2014, Mercedes Benz is expecting the all new C-Class to be the best seller of the year with respect to its looks and inbuilt features.

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