All New Renault Megane Hatchback Unveiled

Many Indians may not be knowing this, but the Renault Megane has been probably the most popular Renault hatchback model worldwide for almost 20 decades now. And now, almost 20 years after the first Megane was launched, Renault has unveiled a new model of the car.

It takes just one look at the new Megane to know that it has the typical Renault design features built into it. Surprisingly, the new Megane looks both stylish and nerdy at the same time. It has a good sense of proportion and balance about it, something which has become very rate these days especially in hatchbacks.

The Megane gets stylish lights both at the front and at the rear of the car. This feature has apparently been brought from the Renault Talisman and many are calling the new Megane as the Renault Talisman hatchback. At the front, the car gets c-shaped headlights fitted with daytime LED running lights that merge into the front bumper and at the rear wide taillights expand across the back of the car to give an indication of the width of the car.

All New Renault Megane Hatchback Unveiled

Technical details of the new Megane have not been given out yet, but we can confidently tell you that it would be offered with four-cylinder petrol and a three-cylinder diesel engine. The primary competitor of the Megane would be the Volkswagen Golf in the international markets.

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